Culture and Civilization 1
Andrea Martínez
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Andrea Martínez
Creado: 23.04.2013 @ 2:20:46 am
Estado del Foro: Abierto
Gilgamesh and Achilles

Compare and contrast the two epic heroes in the Ancient World: Gilgamesh, from the Sumerian Epic, and Achilles, from the Iliad.

Conceptos clave: sumer egypt
Rocìo Dìaz
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 8:55:07 pm
Gilganesh and Achillies

The Literary work from Ancient World has provided many characters. Two of them are Gilgamesh, from the Sumerians, Achillies from the Greek.

Both are courageous and determined personage. Achillies is, like Gilgamesh, part god and part human. Also They have in common, the lost of a dearest companion, a friend in the case of the Sumerian, and a close relative Achillies, his cousin Patroclous.

It is said that, Gilgamesh is blessed with beauty and courage, Achillies is a special warrior to Zeus, none we know about his physical appearance.  Unlike the Sumerian, the Achean shows emotional features as sadness, anger, and even we know he cried his cousi's death.

While Gilganesh decides to go to a difficult quest in search of immortality, mainly to avoid it, more than to aveange Enkidu, Achillies does want it. But one may say as Achillies is eager to be recognized beyond time, he did not want his name to be forgotten, and that is another way of immortality.


karina aldana yapura
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 3:04:33 pm
Gilgamesh and Achilles

Gilgamesh and the Iliad belong to the tradition of the heroic age.

Gilgamesh and Achilles lost their best friend.

Gilgamesh and Achilles´ world was unreal.

Like Gilgamesh, Achilles is a part-god and part-man but the Greek superhero is more psychologically complex character than Gilgamesh, the emotions he exhibits are wholly human.

Whereas the Epic of Gilgamesh takes as its theme the pursuit of everlasting life, the Greek Epics give voice to the quest for individual honor and glory.

monica ponce
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:50:02 pm
Two epic heroes

When analysing Gilgamesh(from the sumerian epic) , and Achilles(from "The Illiad") many similarities and differences may be found. Both heroes were part human and part god. They were also blessed with beauty and supernatural powers. As well as Achilles, Gilgamesh mour in grief the passing away of his best friend. However, these two literal works were written in different peridos and in different cultural contexts, giving place to some differences. As Achilles looked for honour, Gilgamesh was in search for inmortality. Eventhough the sumerian epic was brave and powerful, he did no exhibit his powers, while Achilles was looking for an opportunity to defeat and humillate his enemies. 

Noelia Maricel Copa
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:41:21 pm
Achilles and Gilgamesh

Both stories shared some similarities:

  • These stories were firstly passed orally. 
  • Both of the characters in each story were part god and part human.
  • They lost their dear friends.
  • Both characters received  beauty and courage from gods.  
But also both storylines show some differences as well: 
  • While Gilgamesh undertakes a search for everlasting life to recover his beloved friend, Achilles looks for revenge for his dead friend.
  • Achilles is a psichologically more complex character than Gilgamesh is.
  • Achilles finds revenge (his objective) when he kills Hector whereas Gilgamesh finds the possibility of getting eternal life (his goal) but then he loses it.
Rafael Salazar
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:33:04 pm
Gilgamesh and Achilles

Both of them are epic heroes that belong to the oral tradition of a heroic age. Moreover, among similarities and differences, Gilgamesh can be described as a semi-historical figure, who probably ruled the Sumerian city of Uruk, two-thirds god and one third man; he was blessed with beauty, wisdom and courage. While Achilles can also be described as part-god and part-man; he was a strong and wise warrior; however, Achilles is more psychologically different to Gilgamesh, because of the human emotions he exhibits such as anger, love, rage, and grief. Another difference between the two epics is that the epic of Gilgamesh has as theme the quest of everlasting life, while, the Iliad has the theme of individual honor and glory.

Jose Eduardo Carmen
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:30:16 pm
Gilgamesh vs Achilles


Both stories were epics which belonged an oral tradition of a heroic age.

Both Heroes lost their beloved friends.

Both of them had supernatural power because they were part-god and part-man.


The epic of Gilgamesh took as its theme the persuit of everlasting life, but the Greek epic gave voice to the quest for individual honor and glory.

Gilgamesh did not show all his emotions but Achilles showed all his emotions. These emotions are more related with human beings and not with gods.

alejandra castillo
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:29:43 pm
Gilgamesh and Achilles


They are warriors.

They are semi gods: Gilgamesh is made two thirds god and one third man; Achilles is the offspring of Peleus, king of Thesseus and the sea goddess Thetis so he is part-god and part man.

They have perfect bodies and they are very handsome.

They are courageous, strong   and brave.

They lost their friends: Endiku  and Patroclus.


Achilles wants revenge because of his friend´ s death. He is more psychological character. The emotions he exhibits are wholly human.

Gilgamesh undertakes a long and hazardous quest in search of everlasting life.

Achilles joins  many battles  and confronts and kills hector, who killed his friend .

Achilles looks for individual honor and glory.

Vanesa Alejandra Navarro
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:23:22 pm

Achilles of the ancient Greek epic of the Iliad, and Gilgamesh from  the ancient Sumerian epic have many similarities and differences:

  • Both are god-like heroes
  • Both experience the loss of a dear friend and comrade and they go through great anguish and grief for their losses 
  • They both are blessed by their gods with power and beauty 
  • They are determined and confident 


  • Achilles decides to resolve his anguish by vengeance, whereas Gilgamesh decides to directly attempt to bring his friend back to life from the dead 
  • Achilles looks for honor and glory, while Gilgamesh looks for everlasting life. 


Gimena Benavidez
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 2:16:07 pm
Gilgamesh and Achilles

Gilgamesh and Achilles were part human and part god. They both suffered their friend's lost. Consecuently, Gilgamesh looked for everlasting life whereas Achilles looked for revenged and killed Hector (Trojan prince) in order to reach honor.

Matías López
Creado: 30.04.2013 @ 1:50:09 pm
Both epic heros, one dies the other knows he's gonna die


·         Both The Epic of Gilgamesh and Achilles from the Iliad are epics. Hence, both were initially transmitted orally and are (now) written in an elevated style. They are both about determined heroes, endowed with supernatural powers (as well as Gilgamesh, Achilles is partly god and partly human).

·         Both lost a beloved friend


·         They react differently towards the loss of their bosom companions. While Gilgamesh’s aim is to find immortality, Achilles looks for avenging his friend

·         Achilles dies in the end, Gilgamesh deals with the fact that he is a mortal.

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